The end of our raiding

Queen Nelly has decided to take a break from raiding and Wowing until Shadowlands. Time to chill out, get back to herself and relax. Unless someone wants to step up and raid lead, it means the end of raiding for us. We got 3 mythic bosses down and cleared heroic and normal decently quickly, so overall I think we did well this raiding tier.

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It was a great expansion for us if looking at raiding. I am also not sad about it because if and when pre-patch hits everything we have worked for will be useless anyway. All our corruption effects etc will no longer work so it seems pointless to work for that.

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I am however going to try and get someone to help me get through 5 masking both SW and Org so I can get a mount 🙂 I am going to spend the next few weeks trying to get as many visions done as I can to do it. Some of the guys in raid were saying it was boring now to run 5 masks. Here I am unable to run zero masks and do a full clear on my bear. So…I need help. I haven’t done enough on my mage to know if I could clear it yet. I asked for a carry and a few said they would help for sure : )

We did heroic for our last raid, we didn’t have enough for mythic when we started so we mostly took alts. My mage managed to get a couple of upgrades which was nice. We didn’t really struggle with any bosses except Ilgynoth, so we left him alone after a few attempts.

We did get all the way to Ra-den though and killed him.

Well thanks for all the memories with the raid tier, it was fun. We had some stressful bosses we struggled with. But overall we didn’t really go too badly. Thanks for the Old Dogs coming with us and helping for many of our fights and for just being fun to be around in raid (sometimes :p).

Thanks for letting me tank you through this tier guys, I really appreciated it. No idea what will happen in Shadowlands, who knows what the future will bring, but I am excited to see.

3 Replies to “The end of our raiding”

  1. Your cloak is 15 now isn’t it? Have you tried 0 masking recently? I think you may be surprised how well you do.

    I still need to 5 mask one of them. I can’t remember which one now.

    1. Oh, you need to only do one more to get the mount? That is awesome!

      I haven’t been in alone basically, I might do one this week since we have stopped raiding and see how I go.

      1. No, you need to do 5 masks. I was just questioning your comment that you couldn’t do a no mask run. You totally can. I guessed that you hadn’t tried for ages.

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