Promptapalooza coming soon – more bloggers needed :)

Belghast must get bored reallllly easily, he comes up with some of the most convoluted ideas I have ever seen. His brain must be amazing. It would be lovely to collaborate on something with him but I am more of a transmog comp kind of girl.

This was the original random vague tweet he sent out, so of course I signed up immediately.

This was the tweet from today which actually explained everything.

Check out his blogpost above where he reveals his new idea. It sounds amazing and I can’t wait to partake. Somehow I missed the entire April thing he did because I think I was on hiatus then. This will be a fun relay of blog posts.

I am looking forward to it as much as I did his Blaugust event last year. He needs more bloggers, so if you want a reason to get back into blogging – sign up and join us! JOIN US!!!! It will be starting in August so you have a little bit of time to decide, but the more we have the better it will be for the event.

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