The mythic raid that wasn’t

What a cluster! It was a pretty rough night in raid on Wednesday. I say pretty rough but it was way worse than that phrase makes it sound.

We wiped on Wrathion so many times, maybe 5? It could have even been 6. If you watch the video from the stream I did, you would think we had never done the boss before. It was pretty terrible. Just RNG, less healers, bad luck…I don’t know…everything that could go wrong did go wrong. I wasn’t using my cooldowns as well as I could have been, however I was trying to use my new UI for the first time. Actually my old new UI as it was the same UI from when I tried ElvUI last time – it remembered my settings. The guys actually mentioned to others to check out NDUI and…dammnit…something else…I will have to check.

We eventually did get him down though, finally and headed to Skitra who we one shot. Even after doing some majorly silly things on that fight, I am not sure how we didn’t wipe. I had some weird bug maybe that would show me the walkers briefly so I thought I could see them, then they would despawn for me and I couldn’t any longer. I died because of that phenomena. It made me angry to be honest because I thought we must have killed them (which logically would have been impossible given the timing). Anyway, we got through that and then…Maut. The boss we hate to love…or love to hate. Either way, always an RNG fight for us.

Someone even set poor Nibblepie’s corpse on fire while he was having PC issues.

We had a few attempts on this one as well, with early death of DPS to annihilation or other random things. It was pretty nasty.

We did also kill him eventually. By which stage it sounded like most people had had enough, so we called it early. Let me know what you think of the quality of the stream if you watch it – any tips or changes I need to make? Aside from my chat cover image, no idea why that was so fuzzy when I was testing it earlier it was perfect.

Ultimately yes, we are doing Mythic level raiding, which, for us is pretty impressive in my opinion, and some nights with raiding you are just not going to have everything gel. We did clear three bosses again though and it means next week we can just work on the puppy again….or as Nibblepie suggested, we could try a different one and see how we go. Not everyone is going to find bosses the same difficulty level, we might find a different one easier than doggie. Who knows?

Anyway, by the time this post goes live the stream about Shadowlands should have happened and we may have been provided with a release date! Could it be possible? Do you think it could be around when Blizzcon would have happened. so November? Do you think it will be August like Legion and BfA?

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