Alt run hootenanny and other stuff

Soul and I decided since we were the early birds of the guild, to attempt the organization of an alt run for early Sunday morning. We did 7.00am, I think perhaps that was a little too early due to my night before.

My night before consisted of 2 bottles of wine and an AMA session on both Twitter and Instagram. It was hectic keeping up with the questions, but Nibblepie was the only one messaging me on Twitter. For those not up with the lingo AMA = Ask Me Anything. The expectation being I will answer any question thrown at me 🙂 It is a nice way to get my brain off the current stress of the world. I am thinking about doing another one this Friday night as well because it helps keeps my mind occupied from missing my hubby.

Anyway, getting up at 6.30am after going to bed late was rough but I was there with 6 other guildies. I was very surprised and extremely grateful both Apophis and Nibblepie joined us. Neither are known for being out of bed early and infact their breakfast time is usually closer to brunch or lunch 🙂 To see them online supporting us was very special to me.

Queen Nelly pulled in a couple of pugs and we managed to get through 6 bosses on normal mode. It took us a little longer than I had hoped as we needed to explain the fights to the guys tanking for the first time and also the DPS who had never been there. Nelly and Darkfury both tanked very well for being thrown into the deep end. We really didn’t have too many tanking failures. I went on my mage and finally replaced the last of my super crap items, so I am mainly in 450+ gear on her now. Just a couple pieces in the 445 range. I really need to get her into heroic for better loot now. Honestly thought I took some pictures whilst in there, but apparently I didn’t. It was a good run 🙂

After I finished the run I jumped on twitter to find out Hasteur had passed away from Covid19, my twitter feed went into meltdown.

I didn’t know Hasteur well, but I have been a WoW blogger and community member long enough to have spoken to quite a few people and he was one I spoke to early on in my blogging days, especially when I was contemplating Podcasting about WoW. He was a nice guy his interactions and by the outpouring of grief, he will be hugely missed in the community. He was also the first person I knew personally to have succumbed to Covid19. His death along with everything else this fortnight (Reckful’s suicide and even more sexual assault naming, online bullying issues etc) has made it an absolute crapper for the community in general. I am heart broken for all the people affected by the loss of these two people and all who knew and loved them.

In other happier news I have been streaming pretty consistently without issues to YouTube, and whilst I am not huge fan of google data mining, the almost instant chat/sound options make it a clear winner over twitch for me. I will be streaming our guild raids every Wednesday at 7.30pm (Vic time) and then any other random stuff I happen to do during the week. So far it is WoW and Planet Coaster, but I might get some Northgard in there this week.

My channel is Azerothian Life (SHOCK, HORROR!!) feel free to drop by and have a looksie and chat when you want. Reminder I am going to do another drunk AMA session on Friday so keep your eyes on twitter for whenever I decide to get that started!

Anyway enough of my waffling, be nice to each other guys, hold your friends close and tell them you love them because you simply cannot tell when they will be taken from you too soon. My DM’s are open for anyone who needs to chat or just get stuff off their chest.

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