Warcraft Summer 2020 – Beach

This week is about the beach. I have many favourite beaches in real life because I love just sitting on the sand listening to the waves and enjoying the salt smell which permeates the air.

Many years ago when I lived in Sydney I would regularly drive from my share house in Allambie Heights to Palm Beach which is not a short drive.

I would generally do it at night time, alone and just put some good music on and drive. It was a decent road all the way there; it was just a comfort to be at the beach. Not sure why that one particularly, but i just adored sitting in the car, windows down and being there in the moment.

Palm Beach, the conservative Sydney neighborhood almost ...

My husband and I, now, tend to go to Williamstown beach a lot to sit at the picnic tables, play with all the random doggies being walked, have fish and chips and walk along the beach front. We adore it. There is something so calming about the beach. I have always felt it is where all 4 elements meet so it is a very magical place in my mind. Wind, water, earth (sand) and fire (sun) all ready to help you though your stresses.

When I was trying to translate that feeling into game, I remembered how much I loved questing at the Isle of Quel’danas. I am still minorly pissed we can’t fly there. Nor is it easy to get to. In keeping with the theme of being at the tippy top of an area, here is a lovely beach in the highest part of Azeroth before you start hitting the icebergs of Northrend.

My normal Transmog

I like this area because it mages with my fiery themes of red/orange/yellow but you can see the ships of my people in the background. It is very tranquil.

Ahhh love it. This is making me want to book a trip for Summer time here to stay at a beach somewhere. Maybe I will look into it. Somewhere down east where the fires wer, providing Covid19 is under control of course.

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