Pupper from hell – Shad’har Mythic Styles

Woah. What an eventful evening we had raiding on Wednesday. Just delightful and joyous I would say.

We decided to extend instead of re-clear the 3 mythic bosses we can do. I fear for our lives when we have been told this is the easiest of the bosses and we are struggling so badly. Admittedly we got pretty close last week, but this week was just awful. You can watch the entire night on the stream here. It isn’t very helpful as it is from my POV.

Yes, I am a clicker. Sue me.

But we are running 5 heals and we cannot stay alive. There is so much damage going out. Remember this picture…from when we saw phase 3 a couple of times and we thought we were awesome?

This week was the complete opposite I am not sure we successfully got out of phase 1 at all. I mean we got to phase 2 a couple of times but half the raid already dead.

I do not know what is causing the issue, the miasma does a lot of damage, the umbral mantle does heaps, the dissolve we get as tanks does a crap tonne. Not including anyone who stands in the circles by accident either. So much damage. This is definitely a healing test and a “don’t stand in the bad” test.

Nibble did a full write up on discord after last week about what we were taking damage from based on our logs (it was very impressive actually) and I think instead of avoiding the stuff people read they needed to be in even more things this week 🙂

We ended up calling raid early because we were just not seeing any improvement. I spent a long time thinking about it after the raid and I did suggest it during, but I think we should group up in little packets. Not sure it will work, but if your group moves, maybe it will help the others not tunnel?

Anyone who raided with The Dark Within back in the day will recognize this style 🙂

I was thinking if we had groups of 4 people standing on top of each other, when the purple eruptions happen they collectively move to the left/right to avoid. If they get a fixate they separate out from their group and the group moves away at the same time. But then come back together after. I say that as Heretic and myself were standing on top of each other to tank and the eruptions were easy to avoid as they landed very close together, we just moved out and in constantly.

It seems we lost quite a few to tunnelling, my thinking is perhaps having 3 other people with you would help the movement awareness? I worked it that out of 20 people, 2 are tanks and we generally have 2-4 melee, the rest of the DPS/heals can separate into 4 groups of 3-4 people. Could the healers worry about their own little party then? No idea. I was purely thinking from the mechanics point of view. Does anyone do Shad’har this way?

This will cause Spit to spread, but might be easier during the soaking in phase 2 because each group could go and soak if they had a quadrant to look after? No idea just spitballing.

Do you use a ironing board? If yes, what direction do you ...

Thoughts people?

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  1. Yeah I think it could work. People will have to break groups fairly frequently for different things but it might still be good to have points to collapse back on.

    There are some people already taking relatively little damage like the hunters who can probably just look after themselves. I know Shane was saying he’s having a lot of downtime trying to get good distance from the fixate target. The answer is probably somewhere in between.

    Healers were finishing P1 with 10-20% more mana than last week so we were in better shape to last out p3 if we got there. Unfortunately we spent half the night before we were doing the morsels ok and then in the second half we were often losing 1 healer in P1 so that didn’t help.

    1. Yeah the morsels seem really painful in mythic. I am pretty glad I am tanking instead, this fight is much easier on us 🙂
      I am sure we will get it eventually, once we get the pattern sorted out, I was just trying to think of other ways to help reduce damage taken, as it appears as though people are just running around everywhere.

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