Warcraft Summer 2020 – Summer Outfit

But…it is Winter? Yeah I know 🙂 I thought why not, it gives me at least one post for each week and it can be a little fun I am sure 🙂

Fair warning I am only likely going to be posting screenshots since I cannot draw, doodle or render in any way. I might maybe write a really short story if something inspires me, but likely it will just be screenies. Feel free to just skip over those incoming posts!

Summer Outfit

I went with a classic light white loose pant style with a short firey crop top because a fire mage must always show her colours. Sandals are a must for any summer outfit and are great for walking along the beach during twilight, when the sun is setting in the distance and the ocean has a golden hue washing over it.

Consistent with a summer theme I have a fan in my offhand to ensure I can cool myself down on those hot summer nights and a wide brimmed hat to protect my skin from the harsh rays of the sun during the daylight hours.

My staff is a torch of starlight for night time camping on the beach so I can always light my way with the twinkle of a thousand stars.

That is my summer outfit!

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