Two things on my mind

Firstly, I am sorry to anyone who has ever been abused or harassed by people in the industry. I am horrified at the pure number of stories being told, not even touching on the content of some of those stories.

It is heartbreaking that people who want to be involved in a hobby they love, like gaming or streaming, get abused like this. The #metoo movement has finally reached us and it feels awful for those people involved.

I have never been much of a streamer or popular gamer follower, so most of the people involved I haven’t even heard of. Down here in Aus we live in a different time zone, I am not the one who stays up to 4am to converse with the US peeps (I prefer sleep). I am quite aware of Method though so it was a shock to hear the really awful stuff come out about them sitting on information for years. I feel bad for all the people affected on the sidelines who had zero involvement in anything and have effectively lost jobs/sponsorships etc.

I also feel bad for the people who did something bad (even years ago), and have grown from it and realised their mistakes, yet are still getting cancelled now. I think it is murky water because we want people to change and grow, but if they do, we still don’t want part of them anymore because of something bad they did. Who decides what the scale of bad is for people to pay for their past deeds and be able to come back? That may be a controversial point but it is one worth thinking about. My experience is different to yours and we all have different levels of what is considered abuse based on those experiences.

There is nothing I can do other than offer support. If anyone needs an ear or shoulder I can lend one, I just hope the abused find peace with their stories.

Secondly, the above horror has led me onto my streaming, which I have been doing every time I log into WoW now (and feeling deeply put off, disturbed, concerned by). I was on Twitch but it has such a massive delay (approx 30-40 seconds). I do not like that at all. So I tried YoutubeLive which has brilliant almost instant interaction time (maybe 4 seconds?) I really like that sense of conversation you can build. I flat out refuse to even look at using Facebook, I am literally only still on there because of messenger. I hate it so much ( is the place I post now).

Here is my problem:

  • Youtube (Google) – datamining??
  • Twitch (Amazon) – does a selfish trillionaire really need more money when they cannot stop abusers or predators on their platform?
  • Facebook (Facebook) – datamining, selling our data, allows lies to be spread – so so so so many issues with facebook.
  • Mixer (Microsoft) – Dead the day after I signed up.

I have been researching other platforms for streaming, but they have issues like latency or lack of users or mainly foreign communities.

How do you pick the best of a bad bunch? I am considering setting up a new email and details on YouTube so it won’t link to my personal data, but then does it really matter anymore. Gosh it is hard.

I don’t want to support abusers, liars, data mining…I don’t think there is an option so I might just not be streaming after finally getting good enough internet to do it. I was thinking of paying for a page on to move my blog and photography pages over there, but will see what the options are.

If I ever decide on a platform I will pop a link up somewhere for you all to know about 🙂

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