Here puppy, puppy, puppy.

Cute little doggie, maybe I got a milk bone 🙂

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Ghostbusters – classic!

Let me start with the important stuff. WE GOT THE NBN!!! Our super fast internet – we haz it!! My initial test was 80 down/ 37 up. I am ecstatic. I had hoped, fingers and toes crossed we could be able to get close to 80 and I am wrapped we hit it.

Even now during what is considered their peak load time I am getting decent speeds. Enough upload speed – I could stream. I streamed a horrific vision I did with Apop before the raid, then the entire raid night. Ben and Nibble both assured me there was no sound or quality issues. [excited dance].

Not sure I will ever be a full time streamer – too much negativity out there, but I did enjoy being able to let people watch what we do. I am currently on twitch only because I signed up for Mixer on the day before they announced they were shutting down and I needed to wait 24 hours for YouTube to become available. I don’t want to be on Facebook or Youtube as they are both datamining magnates. I don’t want to be on twitch due to the sexual harassment and bullying they are accused of. I am not sure where else I can even stream. I am going to check out the ones mentioned in this article though. Do you have a platform preference?

We went in and Nelly advised us we would one shot everything so we had all night to work on puppy. Can I say, mythic still has us pegged as fools though. We wiped on Wrathion and Maut a couple of times before actually getting them down. Stupid things killed us- Wrathion particularly could not have picked the furthest points of the room to get to on one attempt. It was just really bad RNG. At least we one shot Skitra like she wanted right?

Puppy was amazing. We were actually doing really well. Our worst attempt was when I pulled first, to see if that altered the damage being done to the tanks as it is such a healing intensive fight. I am going to check through my gear and see if i can’t get some extra stamina or something. I am just burning through cool downs so much on it.

The last phase is darn hard though, I am not sure I have the tanking gear to pull it off, we are running 5 heals and I was struggling to stay alive, but I am not even sure what is killing me. I am going to be going through the logs and see if I can identify debuffs which I could maybe make a weak aura for…or something. Anything! That green circle of death is horrid.

We eventually did get him to phase 3 a couple of times, altering when we used time warp etc and even got him to 18%. Not too shabby for only our third time getting to him, we actually spent a fair chunk of the night there, which was quite good.

Pretty good night over all, hopefully we can get him next week. I am terrified of what else is in store given they say this is the easiest. I think this is a pretty rough fight with all the movement.

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  1. After the attempt where you pulled first and we lost you suddenly, I started focusing more on tanks and those with Spit. I’m not sure if you noticed any difference.

    I did lots of looking at the logs afterwards and put my thoughts in the Healing channel of our Discord. Mostly about the explosions after fixates. If there’s ever anything tank related you want help looking into in the logs, let me know.

    1. I have only just noticed all my replied are not registering and I do not know why?

      Thanks for checking through the logs, I checked the post on discord as well where you broke everything down. Interesting points though. I did notice the difference with the extra healing, to me it feels like first and third phased are the worst for me, not sure why, but I feel like I am burning cooldowns and barely staying alive. So much worse if I happen to get “spit” as well. One attempt last week, I had nothing left at all and the first phase was still going. I thought it would never end and I had used everything.

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