Alliance as well?

Yeah I admit, I want to finish the Alliance side War campaign, I need to get started on it soon. Long time readers know I adore Jaina as a long serving alliance mage (although I think I have been horde longer now) I have a soft spot for her.

So Hubby, Apop and myself had some alliance side 110’s we decided to level recently whilst we were in SA. I decided too finally get myself a hunter, Hubby and Apop both went paladins (one Prot, one Ret).

We decided to just get to 120 quickly by running dungeons constantly and doing the foothold quest areas to open up the world quests. It took us less than 24 hours actual played time to get to 120. I think there was only a brief moment when it tookj us about 120 minutes to wait for a random dungeon to pop otherwise it was less than a minute wait every time.

The absolute worst dungeon was “Shrine of the Storms” when we were under 115 as we would generally get a 120 in there with us and we simply couldn’t kill them enough to get the MC off them. It was very traumatic, but was much better once we hit 118 and didn’t have that issue again.

I only collected rare spawns as my pets and I even went back to legion to open up my class hall so I can start the farming to get the book which will allow me to tame gryphons and such. I did manage to complete the quest chain to get Hati though 🙂 I know I wasn’t playing a hunter then but I felt the pain they did when Hati was taken away from them.


My first rare was Sythian the swift, I wasn’t even sure I could tame him, but I use him the most at the moment because he is so pretty.


Then at some point we were questing and I found this beasty and I had to have him. I haven’t been able to locate his name though, which annoys me. Anyone know? He was in a cave near the bee hives I thought he was The Hivekiller because the model looks similar but the colour is off on wowhead to what I have so now i am unsure.

But now I want to chase down Beehemoth…i mean…just for the name alone!

Anyway, we got to 120 doing Tol dagor and on the very last boss both hubby and I levelled and it was a little longer before Apop did after handing in some quests.

I didn’t get a picture of the three of us, I will need to remedy that once hubby is home from SA. So here are the 2 of us after hitting 120.

We did also manage to get our cloaks completed so we can start working on those, but I can now just work my way through the war campaign and instead of getting XP, I will get a metric tonne of gold 🙂

Only number 4 (? …Druid, Mage, Paladin, Hunter…Yep…4) at 120 and I still have a boost I can use from getting Shadowlands, just not sure what I want to spend it on or if i should wait until we get squished back to 60.

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