NBN! All the uploads!

For the non-Australians in my readership, we have the NBN (National Broadband Network) which was supposed to promise us magnificent internet speeds. May not seem very exciting for most, but our instakllation has been constantly pushed back for four years and everyone else I know has NBN. We have been a small section in our neighbourhood without it for so many years. It has been a nightmare from start to finish and the rollout has copped a lot of negativity in the years it has been in progress. It is woefully behind already and is not very good when compared to what some other countries have; even with this basic data from Speedtest.net you can see Australia is way down the list in 63rd position for average speeds.

We are hoping to be on the 100Mbps plan which, during peak hours of 7-11pm, will provide us at least 80Mpbs download and 30Mpbs upload speeds. I mean it is woeful when compared to other countries but so much better than what we have now on ADSL.

My current speeds will knock your socks off:

This means I could potentially start streaming when I game, an interesting proposal and one I am contemplating doing, but the question is how much do people want to watch a nublet tank in raids or fail at generic RPG games?

I don’t watch streamers now because I generally don’t want to watch people play, I want to be playing 🙂 and I usually can’t stand the over the top fakeness and craziness. Is that the standard of streamers today? Can a normal person not doing crazy things be interesting? Do I want the negativity that inherently comes with streaming and being out in the world more than I am with my limited blogging? All questions I need to ask myself with some sort of seriousness now as it is actually possible from tomorrow (all things going well) for us to have super fast broadband at home!

What are your thoughts? Do you watch streamers now, what keeps you going back?

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