Finally, I have some of the power of the dragons

I managed to wrangle Stabulouz to run me through a horrific vision a few days ago and when I say it was over before I realised we had started, I am not kidding. His DPS was like wildfire, just ripping through the place.

We cleared Stormwind in about 20 minutes maybe? All 5 bosses done in a few heartbeats. It was amazing.

Look at that sparkly bear butt achievement for clearing out Stormwind.

So of course, this made me want to do more. My sanity was actually not that bad, we used an orb a couple of times simply to use them, but I probably could have survived if we hadn’t used one at all.

So a couple of days later Stab, Pracey and Apop decided to run me through another one, which again was over pretty quickly. The mobs were a little tougher but not by much honestly.

Clearing it this week got me more achievements. One for the clear and one for clearing both. Pretty exciting to see all those chests with prizes and gear and echoes. So much loot spam!

Stabulouz didn’t have anymore vials so Pracey and Apop took me through another one with a mask. The one which leaves spots on the ground and buffs the mobs health. We cleared it without too much issue, although we did have to use an orb on this one for me and Apop. We got a bunch of mobs which do the jumping, stun locking, so Apop died and I lost a lot of sanity. It was just bad timing on being able to get out of all the effects including the self encircling disorientating mobs. This clear got me to Rank 14 on my cloak though so it was completely worth it.

Pracey decided he had enough at that point so Apop ran me through one more without a mask to get me to 15. We stopped to find the old crystals through out each area and ended up finding 8 of them to hand in. Nibblepie later mentioned there are actually 10 to be found, so it might be our next mission to locate them all. Apop also told me about the mailboxes which can apparently contain mounts. We attacked 2 and found no mounts, but I will check for them next time. I wonder if they are a mount for all or just one per group?

It took is a little longer to get through because we were hunting goodies, but it was fun either way. I now have 3 masks and a level 15 cloak. Thanks friends for running me through these visions. I really appreciate it. I might actually look at getting a DPS set of sorts so I can do these myself and maybe help with doing mask runs as by all reports they are horrific 🙂 I only need another 3000 corrupted mementos to get the last level on the M.O.T.H.E.R. tree so having a DPS set means I could run these every week with a full clear for those. I just need to determine if being feral would be easier than spending the time on a Boomy set. By all reports feral is hard to play well, so I am not sure if I am up to that but it would make the gear requirements much easier as I already have a decent agility set. I am torn, I might need to run some mythics/heroics as feral and see what my numbers look like.

Wrathion finally has no more quests for me! YAY! He is such a drainer. Great and powerful dragon has more quests than you can poke a dragonscale with. I am very very very happy to have finally “completed” this part of the game. Am I the slowest Mythic raider to have done this?

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  1. I still do at least one a week. I haven’t needed the echoes the last week or two so haven’t done more, but I have enough momentous for at least 20 vials. You’ll be able to buy an Ony backpack or be able to put stickers in your gear soon. I wonder how easy we could 5 mask group clear with Oui now we have a tank. I haven’t done above 3 solo.

    1. I need to do some more, but i am too chicken to do it alone 🙂 One mask was struggle enough, but I think it would be worth trying someting hardr. The worst is we die right?

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