Bruce the Third and Shadowlands

I have tried to do the brawlers guild each time it is available barring the first season which I just missed entirely. This was my third year and I have the Bruces to prove it.

This year was a little different in that you had to do a quest line to get the mount. Don’t make my mistake though, make sure you start the chain before starting the actual rank challenges as you need to open the purses for an item. It took me a little longer as I had to do extra challenges.

Also don’t me like me and be broke. You need 1000 gold to buy a drink at one point and my druid had no money. I had to steal from my mage.

The quest chain is basically you solving a murder mystery and it is quite delightful in the middle when you have to attend an actual court case. Pretty clever 🙂

I am pretty happy i managed to get this completed. I believe I did most of it as boomy originally and then I got to the point where my DPS set was non existent so I had to do it as tank, but that didn’t seem to cause me too many issues.

Hubby and I were also fortunate enough to have Shadowlands gifted to us for our birthdays this year. Which means I got to add another mount to my collection.

I don’t know what my plans for Shadowlands are at this stage. But I am not sure raiding makes a position as I just don’t want to dedicate the hours required to the raiding. We shall see though a lot can change in a few months – you just need to look at what covid-19 has done to our planet to know the truth of that statement.

What are you guys planning for Shadowlands – mythic dungeons, Raiding, PVP? What is tickling your fancy especially hard to determine without a Blizzcon to drop us a bunch of juicy raid designs etc.

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    1. I literally only do it for the mount honestly. However I do like how it resembles my own little raid tier every expac 🙂

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