The Doggie of Death

So what an interesting night, running Mythic Ny’alotha. Yeah you read that correctly Mythic. M.Y.T.H.I.C. Eeep.

I never really wanted to raid mythic level, I always found it required more than I had, but as a tank, it is really not overly horrid. Although tonight hitting CD’s at the right time and making sure I stayed alive seemed harder than usual. Maybe it was me, or maybe it was the healers…who knows. But it was damn hard. I suspect it was me honestly.

We wiped on Wrathion and Maut a few times. Excessively really. To just random silly things. We have done the fights a few times now (sometimes even a one shot) but people still die to stuff on the ground or boss mechanics and I can’t see how unless you are a healer (who have an all stage pass if you ask me). Fire circles are bad – don’t be in them. Annihilation pretty says it in the spell name…it isn’t good.

We did eventually get to Shad’har and got him to the third phase for the first time tonight. Pretty impressive. We mostly stayed alive for that attempt. It went to the potty after that attempt but was still pretty decent.

There was a lot of generic death tonight as well, just hitting a mob once would result in splat on the ground. It was a bizarre feeling.

We cleared heroic and received our AOTC a while ago (April) and we have been basically running mythic on Wednesday night ever since. I don’t seem to have an image of the Maut achievement, but I promise you it is there.

Even though we had a rough night, I came away feeling pretty good about us having actually killed everything eventually and getting back to the puppy. We will reclear again next week and smash everything in the face.

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