What happened?

My long time readers will know I try, to the best of my abilities, not to shitcan or badmouth WoW or Blizzard too much. There has been a few negative posts and talk etc but I hope I have managed to limit it over the years.

I love this game and I want to be a positive voice, however minor, in the plethora of voices.

However, since patch 8.3 Visions of N’zoth, I have been unable to be positive about anything other than my guild and its people (I was already on a downward spiral from BfA). This has made me not want to even be online or therefore even talk about it in any way. This patch has broken my heart and my love of WoW – I am so disappointed I am 90% sure I am not going to return for Shadowlands.

So as a general breakdown I want this game to be fun – I don’t want a second job that I pay for. This patch has been just one thing after another of “not fun” things having to be done. These are my complaints – and yes there are outliers and ways around some of them but ultimately it is just too much for me to want to play.

  • Corruption is another stat you have to investigate on your gear and balance.
  • You have to balance your necklace essences
  • You have to consider your traits
  • You have to consider your actual base level stats and secondaries.
    • When do I actually get to wear the piece of gear I picked up??? Not when PAWN says it is an upgrade, but when I have to go to an external site – AND PAY MORE MONEY to be told it is one. NOT FUN!!! AT ALL!!!
  • Raiding isn’t the best gear you can get in the game, which means you have to do all these other things (visions, warfronts, mythics, dailies etc) to get good gear to walk over everything in the raid. What is the point of raiding then? I want raiding to be the pinnacle in gear because that is what i love about WoW.
  • Visions are not easy as a mediocre tank without a group (I don’t have a DPS Set because DPS gear is going to the DPS IN THE RAID TEAM!)
    • Visions require you to find a group willing to waste a vial because you are lower in the chain and will lose sanity faster
    • I would much rather noone else uses a vial if I start it, so if we fail they are not losing out. Cap it at however many vials are achievable in a week.
  • People are now doing masks and full clears and I am stuck back at level 5 cloak because I am not around while people still have vials to waste for the week. I don’t want to run with alts and potentially fail.
  • If you make a mistake on the corrupted memento table you pretty much cannot be of use in the visions to anyone
    • You then fall behind on collecting the bastards to balance it back out
  • Mythics require you find a group willing to potentially waste a key if you don’t complete in time
  • Mythics require you to build up to a specific level – so if you can only find someone with a level 3, you have to run dungeons multiple times to get better keys. Not everyone can spend hours running multiple mythics to get a better key.
    • I would much rather buy the key level I want based on the highest I have ever completed in time. So I am wasting my own key and not someone else’s.
  • I don’t PUG as a tank because I am not willing to be abused again by strangers who have no patience or manners.
  • You can’t use alts for anything – well now i can for some things – but at this point why bother?
  • I can farm for 3 hours to get enough herbs to send to my alchemist for 2 potions/flasks. Flying around herbing/fishing is not how i want to spend the majority of my time playing the game.
  • Feasts/cauldrons are impossible for people to contribute to, nothing in them should be soulbound if they are being used for a group. As a guild we should all be able to contribute to the making of them by adding any of the ingredients needed.
    • We have to use them for raid and saying we don’t is a lie. Why make them so hard to make if we have to use them?

As you can see…I have some issues, every time I log into the game I am reminded of them and it just annoys me even further. My plan was to stop playing altogether once we got AOTC but then I am told the guild wants to try mythic raiding; and as one of the tanks I feel I am obliged to help them out. I am not sure we have mythic level in us as we need to be much better and min/maxing the characters we bring to raid for maximum benefit on each fight. I know most of my issues are due to limited time on my part and if I don’t have the time I shouldn’t complain; I get it, I do hence my contemplation to stop playing entirely.

I am watching a lot of news around Shadowlands and people saying how much they love it so far but I am still torn. There is another tower thing (which I wasn’t any good at in Pandaria, Broken Isles, or Visions – I can’t imagine I will be good at this one either). But this long post is why I haven’t wanted to blog, because I just want to complain about everything.

My deepest apologies if you made it this far 🙂 You are made of stronger stuff than I!

2 Replies to “What happened?”

  1. Lots of good points.

    But just so you know, I now have enough currency for like 20 vessels. I’d be surprised if many people are low on them anymore. I’d be happy to use them with you if you want.

    I never care about blowing my key. We regularly do 10s with alts. Doesn’t matter if we don’t time then.

    1. Thanks 🙂 We have had many discussions about it all over the patch and I appreciate the offer!! Maybe we can try and find some time when people are free 🙂

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