N’zoth the vagina with teeth

We have spent the last few months working our way through Nyalotha, we only recently got N’zoth down on normal mode. We had mostly cleared heroic before we went back and struggled on him in normal. We did eventually kill him by the seat of our pants – usual Warsong styles honestly.

We didn’t really struggle too much with any bosses overall, Ilgnoth caused us the most headaches and honestly, they still would now I think. Actually we bashed our heads against him longer than N’zoth when I think about it.

But we did manage to spank N’zoth on heroic and get our AOTC achievement. I hadn’t realised but you get a lovely dragon mount of it. I am always excited to get another dragon to add to my collection. I have of course given up entirely on ever owning Onyxia.

I cannot express the joy. I really can’t. There are no words for how awesome it was to a) survive the fight and b) actually get it down only after a few nights actually working solidly on it.

We got some good attempts on Wednesday and I don’t think we meant to spend all night on him, but we kept making progress so it just made us want to keep getting up and going again. Correct me if I am wrong but this is the first raid I tanked the guild through and I am excited by that. It feels so good to have played a tank throughout and been good enough to get everyone through the content. I may not be the best, but I did what I was supposed to and that was to eat the first in sacrifice of my guildies and friends.

We also decided to give Wrathion a spanking on Mythic and we got him to about 54% or so. That is one hell of an extra mechanic, but it made me realise how much I don’t want to tank Maut in Mythic. Nope. No way thanks!

I am not sure what this means for the guild now, people will inevitably start dropping off and Shadowlands is so far away from release…maybe we can convince the guildies to create a PTR guild and start practising raids like the hardcore teams do 🙂 LMFAO! No…do not suggest that to anyone!

Go Warsong!! and Go Old Dogz! We rock!

Take that N’zoth!

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  1. I think you’re right about it being your first full raid as tank. The only other raid I can see that you’ve tanked every boss was Antorus. I have your first Warsong tank kill as Normal Imonar in Jan 2018. ( https://youtu.be/sYxnDYqtkGw ). And our first progression kill with you as tank as being Imonar on Heroic a couple of weeks later. That’s got a nice tight finish to it as well! ( https://youtu.be/jN_hqspwhrU ) He was half way through the raid though.

    I feel like we didn’t really have any tank problems all tier. The only times things got discussed was when there was different understanding about routing like with N’zoth. And that was just getting everyone on the same page. I can’t recall there ever being ongoing issues with positioning or picking up mobs, or holding agro, or getting walloped. I reckon you’ve both done a fine job.

    1. Yeah I think we had good tanking, we worked it out but honestly nothing seemed overly horrid the entire tier. The puppy dog is probably the worst thanks to its randomness, but otherwise it is ok.
      Thank you for the continued support though – it is hard to step back and realise we actually did ok without an overview 🙂

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