Levelling is fast?

So is it just me or is levelling from 110-120 really quick? I might be insane but I levelled my pally from 113-117 in a few hours a couple of weeks ago. Fully rested of course and then more recently I levelled her from 117 – 120 in just over 3 hours. She was fully rested and did have the anniversary bonus, but it seemed to go really fast. I wonder based on that if you could level from 110-120 in one actual day of solid playing?

I will say having flying makes levelling a heck of a lot easier. You can just bounce all over the map without having to follow roads, safe areas or blocks and I wonder if that makes the difference?

I levelled my Pally as prot because I wanted to be able to just ride around, gather 10 mobs and complete quests quickly. It mostly worked as anticipated 🙂 Some things took a while to die but overall it didn’t feel slow. So now I have a prot pally, and a guardian druid and a prot warrior (although I just changed him yesterday to Fury to play) 🙂 Something tells me I like tanking…LOL

She is my third toon to 120 and with the changes to levels coming in Shadowlands I now have no idea if I should bother getting the rest to 120 or just wait for the new content. It is unlikely I will ever do anything with her, but I just like having characters at 120.

My next one will be my alliance hunter – I desperately want to play through the storyline and likely I will get started on her this weekend if I can. I should scientifically test if I can level her in one day with solid playing and limited breaks 🙂 I wonder if the hubby would be up for that!?

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  1. I found exactly the same thing levelling a Rogue through BfA recently. It seemed to take about 10 hours with rested XP, flying, and plenty of stealthing past mobs 🙂 It was amazingly fast – and fun!

    I’m not sure if Blizzard have stealth nerfed the XP requirements, or (more likely) flying really does make that huge a difference. With it being that quick it’s hard to see how they’ll be able to make a zone like BfA last 40 levels when Shadowlands drops.

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