BLIZZCON 2019 was a thing last week, you may have heard? I payed the hefty price to watch everything and it was glorious!

But in case you have been living off all social media and don’t want any spoilers for information which is now widely published everywhere, please look away.

The exciting stuff first:

Diablo 4 with Lillith! ooooh! It looked amazing, the cinematic was brilliant and highly disturbing I can understand why it had the warning on it for minors. I loved her cloak of blood; judging on the fan art I have seen since, many others do as well.

Lillith is a great mythological figure and has appeared in many a plot line – Supernatural Sabrina and Lucifer to name my favourites so it is really cool to see how they work her into Diablo.

I like Diablo as a game, but I am not one of the people who can replay it constantly. I don’t mind playing with a group of friends as it allows you see some tougher events and to have a laugh. I would like to play more of Diablo at the harder levels but it requires people to have the same level and gear, otherwise it is just death. This has sparked my want to jump back into the game though in preparation.

Overwatch 2 – with story and co-op mode. I love this!! When I play overwatch a lot of the time I spend playing against AI only. I do not have fast reflexes and I simply cannot compete with human pvpers. I adore overwatch as a game and I can’t wait to jump in and play with friends in co-op mode. This is exciting. I need more time to game and more friends who like the same games as me. Basically anything Blizzard…LOL

World of Warcraft – SHADOWLANDS!! Quite a few people called Shadowlands as the next xpac even before the logo was leaked and it was my favourite of the ideas. I had no idea it would be because Sylvanas broke the Lich King though – didn’t see that coming at all! It was a nice twist.

So the new areas look so far pretty good and the story seems interesting. I like the look of the covenants and the ability to get mounts and spells is a nice touch. Shame you can only pick one at a time. I want all 4!! I am undecided which I like the most they are all appealing to different parts of my soul. I guess it will depend on the mounts if I am honest :p

I like the idea of only having 60 levels again (it will be weird logging in that first time and seeing everything at 60 or below!), but what I like even more is how you can choose which expac you do the majority of your levelling though. Screw you Warlords of Drainor – even if people are suggesting you are the fastest one available already!!! I will never see the light of your frozen hell garrison again!!! I think I will start with something old school like BC because it has been a long time since I have been there…or maybe even Pandaria – lots of dragons in that expansion 🙂 .

The new starting zone will be a welcome change to the zones we have played for far too many years.

The changes they have coming to alts is also brilliant!! Having a geared and raid ready alt may not be entirely out of reach anymore. I can’t wait to see all the new character customisation they are providing (humans having actual races now!), and I adore the non-cloak cloaks – like backpacks and wings is beyond cool and will really help diversify people out in the world.

There is a lot in Shadowlands I am excited for. I am not looking forward to having new bonded things with their own talent trees – I just thing it is overcomplicating things again. Like the stupid necklaces – as if having gear with options wasn’t enough. Although the concept of professions where you can add items to make the secondary stats you want appear is pretty cool however profession items need to be bumped up because currently they are just not worth the effort – I used to be a completionist but now it is just too hard if that toon is an alt and you don’ t have all the free time.

So I watched the panels for deep dives and what next and we also watch the Mythic Invitational grand final (which was amazing) and a few of the other matches in between things. We also watched the cosplay events and panels for Diablo, voice acting and Qverwatch 2. It was worth it to see everything discussed as it was meant to be, and of course for the pets 🙂

So what are your thoughts, what are you excited about? What are you worried about? I am already going to try and save a couple of weeks leave up so I can just play WoW on release. I took one week of leave for BfA and then barely played any of it during that week. This time I am going to make sure I am online and ready to go. I used to take 2 weeks and attempt to get 2 characters levelled so I had an alt straight off the bat – I would like to do that again.

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