The longest legendary in history.

I have been holding onto this quest since originally raiding in Firelands. I never ever got round to completing it. I really wanted to because (and this is the entire reason) I got to speak to blue dragons in Org. LOL

Anything which involves me talking to dragons is a win in my book.

Do you recognise this? If not, the final part of the quest chain you need to repeatedly run Firelands for essences off the bosses (Thanks Shannox for my last lot)

and kill Ragnaros #2 for the Heart of Flame. It is already after a very long chain to get to this point, which was a long endeavour (as all legendaries should be!)

Hallegosa in Org then sends you to speak to Kalcegos and you win the ultimate prize of having blue dragons flying around for ages after wards. I dislike the mage mount of a flying disc but if it had matrix style font dripping from it, I might like it more.

Once you get to the top of Org you hand over your Branch of Nordrassil and MAGIC! The dragons imbue your weapon with even more power!

And you then receive your legendary weapon. It allows you to transform into Tarecgosa as well which is mighty cool. Shame isn’t persistent! We need Dragonborn in the game 🙂

Thank you to the people hanging around and congratulating me and fuck you to the guy who was spitting on me for no reason. I am glad I finally got this complete, it has been sitting on my mage for way to long.

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