Happy dancing my way to…happiness?

Whatever; the title doesn’t need to make sense ok :p

But what happened on raid night was epic.

I am not joking.

We saved our lock out after Za’qul because he is a POS and we prepared ourselves for what we were told was an easier boss fight than Za’qul. We all wanted to get Ahead of the Curve. We being me and Nibblepie mainly 🙂 hahahah

Queen Nelly did a delightful refresher explanation because it has been a few months since we had been back. She got me all freaked out about double decrees (which ended up not being that bad, thanks to recent changes I believe) and we headed onto the platform to face the sea wench.

Our first couple of attempts were shockingly bad. Like. Bad x 1000%. Something was doing our tanks in very quickly and it was nasty. However quick discussion, change some things around and voila – we got her to 31%. This definitely bumped everyone immediately, the tension was palpable. It may have just been my tension at my horrific DPS, but who knows.

Our best attempt was 5% and our screens went black, we actually thought we had her…sadly it wasn’t the case. We had a few minor issues like someone putting a portal over the console and people stacking on the non stacking double decree person, then some orbs mistakenly not getting soaked. Minor things in the grand scheme.

I was fortunate enough to get stand alone decrees every time bar 1, I got the spear multiple times in a row plus needing to LOS multiple times – AT THE SAME TIME!- that was death causing for me because I was doing one too far from the other. I was portal running to keep them up and even jumping on them when i didn’t have 5 buffs just to add something.

But then WE KILLED HER!! GAHHHHH!! Achievement spam all round! I had actually turned on discord live streaming (who knew it did that?) so Creet could watch us, but I have no idea if it saves the video anywhere – I can’t find any reference to it. If you know please let me know!

Grats Warsong! Amazing effort to get through this and have a few weeks rest for the new raid coming out soon ™. We should jump into PTR and start practising now!!

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