The literal fortnight from hell

After last week’s raid I was pretty much on a high, but I need to step back and start at the monday for you to understand the absolute crapper of a fortnight we have had. There are definitely some major positives in there as well, which is what makes the negative so much worse.

The Monday of last week, I lost my beautiful black kitty to a heart attack. She died in my arms, I tried CPR and we rushed her to the vet but she was gone before we left the house. I knew it but I had hoped it wasn’t so. She was 12 years old and my baby, even though technically we bought her for my husband. Negative.

Wednesday we killed Za’qul after weeks of wiping. Positive.

Thursday afternoon we drove to Wodonga for a stopover on our way to Wollongong for a Kobudo training camp. Caught up with Apophis for dinner and had an early night. Positive.

Friday we continued our drive to Wollongong caught up with convey at Gundagai and then once we got settled into the hotel room, saw my Sydney friends who were spending the weekend at the same hotel. Positive.

Saturday morning the guys trained on the beach and after that session I went and met up with our friends and swam in the absolutely freezing cold water. I got completely sunburnt (by accident as I was wearing a wide brimmed hat and a light top for a large portion). Positive and Negative.

In the afternoon I headed back to the watch more training and was advised one of our closest friends had passed away in her sleep the night before. I was completely devastated and I had no idea how to even function for the rest of the day. Her funeral is on Thursday this week and I have no idea how to keep it together. Negative.

Saturday night there was loud doof doof music somewhere which kept me awake until 2.30am in the morning. Negative.

Sunday was my hubby’s grading. After a morning of sessions, he slew the grading and passed with his Black Belt. His third one and the first one for our Kobudo club and Sensei. It was pretty amazing, and nerve wracking and stress inducing. Positive.

Sunday we drove home to Wodonga to catch up with Apop again and chill out for a few hours. We got home later than anticipated but on a high. Positive.

Monday we slept in because I simply couldn’t wake up after the limited sleep the night before and headed home. We got home way later than anticipated again. Positive.

We find out the funeral service will be held on Thursday for our friend. Guilt begins to seep in because we are excited about black belts and possible puppies, but our friends and us, are suffering so badly. Negative.

Monday afternoon, we went to visit a puppy which is currently in need of rehoming. Positive. Which takes us all the way back to Naavi, we weren’t originally going to get the puppy (just over a week ago when we first heard about the situation) because we wanted to wait until Naavi had passed due to her inability to function well with other animals. Fast forward maybe 3 days and she has a heart attack and leaves us. We are now riddled with guilt. Negative.

Tuesday we head to work and both of us realise we have left our laptops back at home and have to drive all the way back home to work from home for the day. Negative, but really positive right?

So that has been my last few days and why I haven’t been online or blogging. It has been an intense few days and I have no idea how to get through the dog kennel being dropped off tomorrow, raiding, funeral Thursday and picking up the puppy Friday and our first gathering on Saturday without our friend who has just passed.

Earthmother give me strength.

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