Such a great feeling!

We did yet another clear of Eternal Palace to the boss who is causing us so much stress. We haven’t had a decent crack at him in a couple of weeks due to numbers, so it was refreshing to see 15 people online all ready to smash him in the face.

We one shot everything – including Ashvane for the first time!! It was a pretty good feeling to watch her die without much effort. We did beautiful work on the corals, I like to think it was my calling out for people to check where they were a couple of seconds before the arcing azerite hit. Unlikely, but let me have a small win.

We got to Za’qul and a couple more people came online which was amazing, as it boosted us just enough to make it viable I suspect.

The first attempt was, to be blunt, awful. I felt very worried. I really wanted us to smash him in the face, especially as I had said just before we started “We would play with him first then he would die….whilst we were playing”…hahah. We actually ended up doing exactly that. We played and then we killed him.

Once again, I was the major factor here, as you can see from this image it was my moonfire that delivered the killing blow :p

We had a couple of ring ins from Old Dogz but it was mostly a full guild group. I killed Optimum on the first boss after an overload, Furey killed me when I was trying to save her on the Court and Pyri and Optimum were dead on every fight at various points which was hilarious. I was going to tank until Golmok said he wanted to run with us and he knows the fights way better than me as tank and in the interests of clearing I was willing to just let him tank and get it done. It was a very wise decision.

I am so excited to be so close to AOTC, they were going to attempt Queen on Friday and I won’t be around (as a few others) so they have saved the lock out for Wednesday. She will die and we will have AOTC and everyone will rejoice! HUZZAH! Make sure to check out the video on youtube from Nibblepie’s POV in the playlist.

Well done guys!! Onward to the Queen! CHARGE!

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