FLYING!!!!! again

I got my flying a while ago and since then, have been trying to encourage my husband to get his. I think he may officially be the last person to get it…ever.

Once Apop and I had it we were really trying to tell him how much better it was and easier everything gets. He believed us but was so sick of the grindy nature of the quests, I couldn’t get him online. But on the few occasions I did, both Apop and I had out dual person mounts at his disposal. It saved us a lot of time in Nazjatar. So much time.

But yesterday we got up early and went to Mechaland. After doing the quests, he was 300 points off revered. So he found a blueprint you can make to give you 500 points (and by pure luck he had it in his collection already!) so BAM!

The Moryrt has flying!!! Which means he can stop playing his demon hunter now and get back on his shadow priest. His DH had the highest rep and for the flying it made sense he completed it first.

I was doing such a happy dance in our pc room 🙂 Much handclapping and whooping from my side of the room.

As a side note to this, I was levelling my Pally (116 now!) and noted she also had flying!!! I lost my mind when I selected a random and a flyer came up!?!? I thought you had to be max level to use flying (for the expansion you were in). Logically makes no sense though because all toons have the other flying areas d’uh!

An easy mistake because flying takes so long to come out by then I have likely levelled all the alts I am going to. I have clearly never gone back and levelled alts after getting flying!!?!? This makes it so much more appealing to level alts though. My Pally was just at 114 when I started and only after a couple of hours I had hit 116, thanks to just being able to get to the quests faster.

Either way congrats to my wonderful hubby for pushing through, now we can go and level our alliance toons and our others ones with Apop 🙂 Anyone else out there still trying to get their flying or is my hubby the last one?

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  1. This was the easiest way to level alts from 100 to 110 last expansion. Use flying to do whatever invasion was up. 1 invasion was basically a level and with flying you could get through it quickly.

    I noticed they’ve changed it this xpac though. The invasion itself gives a little, but then it awards a 1 hour %xp buff.

    1. This is what happens when you just play one toon and forget about there being others :p hahahaha

      The xp buff is still a nice bonus 🙂

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