Pax 2019

What a wonderful 3 day event again! It was so much fun.

Before we even get started onto the rest of the weekend, let me start by the Thursday night (before guild dinner) heading to PAX for Pracey and Stabz to pick up their tickets we ran into AMY T FALCONE!!! and Kris Straub! I was nearly in tears I was so ecstatic.

Friday was an absolute write off, we got there late for me to queue up for the limited edition pin so we hung around and did some beat saber and other VR before walking through the queue hall lines (without seeing the actual queue hall event).

We then spent 2 hours standing in line at a merchandise booth so we could buy T-shirts and stuff. Was pretty anger inducing to be honest. Lunch was straight after we paid for everything and took another 2.5 hours whilst we waited an hour to be served some schnitzels and pork. We spent the rest of Friday walking through PAX rising and trying out new games.

  • I fell in love with Chaos Tavern – couch co-op, release sometime 2020 towards PAX, all platforms.
  • Camp out – similar to the above but based at a camp site (didn’t get to actually play)
  • The Rewinder – puzzle game, hard, but I liked it, based on Chinese mythology
  • Sacre Bleu – you have to use a gun to shoot you around the map in the direction you choose. I can see it being fun for some people but getting the angle right was doing my head in. It was fun though.
  • Broken Roads – has gorgeous graphics but no gameplay available yet. Moral compass game.

A few others that didn’t take my fancy enough to want to play and many I did want to play but the queues every time I went past were too long. Maybe next year. Hubby played Mini Motorways (we love mini metro) but have to subscribe to Apple games and not sure if we want to do that and Necrobarista which he has been waiting a long time for.

Saturday we queued early to get the special 15 year anniversary warcraft pin. You needed to play overwatch on nintendo switch for a part of the requirement so we wanted to ensure we got there early. The queue hall was amazing, after queuing briefly for my limited edition pins (and the others) we headed to the hall. It was all fire all the time and amazing! Mainly sponsored by Bethesda this year so a lot of ESO footage (and fire) and Doom (and fire) and Fallout (and fire). Saw a trailer for Ghostwire Tokyo which looks interesting so we might download and have a play. We were at the nintendo switch booth 9 minutes after the doors opened and the line was already capped. It remained capped most of the day (and we went back repeatedly throughout). Eventually we did get in though and queued for 1.5 hours for a sticker.

The rest of the time (including Sunday) we spent walking the expo halls, buying dice (like we need more!), buying some games (Pandemic, Secret Hitler, Ghostbusters card game), played Ghostbusters, played Call of Cthulu with a friend as the DM (by pure chance I swear :p), had popcorn chicken, and bawled like a baby when I got my 15 year anniversary pin.

Look at the price of the pin by the way, I couldn’t find the actual sale anymore so I do wonder if it got bought for that price:

I actually got 2 pins as hubby gets a duplicate when he can, so given I would normally just trade for a rare pin next year, I decided to give my pin to Queen Nelly when we met up with her for dinner. She loves WoW as much as me and I told her if she ever decides to get rid of the pin to give it back to me! That is the condition of ownership, it is such a nice pin and I felt she does a lot for me and my love of the game.

Pax was great this year, I say it every year, even with a rough start on Friday, I got to play many games, see many friends from interstate (Dale and Fred) and stare at amazing cosplay all weekend. If you haven’t ever been to a PAX, do it. Even if only one day, get in and just hang around your geeky gaming friends.

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