My electrical field must be huge

Honestly. I broke my gaming laptop and my desktop is not working either. I seem to cause death and destruction to electronic things wherever I go. I am blaming my super fantastic flaming bright electromagnetic aura field.

I went to log into WoW and update my gear choices as I have a few new pieces which require shifting around. I also wanted to replenish my coins, potions and flasks. I was hoping we could at least get a few solid attempts in on Za’qul (really only needing 1 before we finally see the bugger fall to our magic!) before going to the queen and then getting our AOTC.

Instead what I got was a laptop that wouldn’t boot properly and kept cycling through to a repair function. To say I was raging would be a massive understatement. I was so livid, but the benefit of having people live with us is I can’t let my rage get the better of me by throwing cushions around the house. I just had to sit there and contain the blood curling screams I wanted to do whilst throwing my laptop out of various windows repeatedly.

Screw you!

Anyway I spent the night trying all the “Advanced Options” I had available to me with no success, even hitting up the ole cmd skills. Hubby then came home and spent until midnight trying to get it to restore with no luck.

The point of this story has nothing to do with raiding and how much I wanted to raid. I really wanted to kill Za’qul. I want to see him dead at our feet. He is horrible and we have spent weeks stuck at him for various things. One week it is the debuff, then the tentacle or the shield. It just seems we cannot get a good break with this one. So many RNG elements where I hear people say “Well that was bad timing” and they have nightmares on the lava pools or tentacles as you come in and out of the realms or transitions during bad sections of damage.

I hate him. I didn’t think I could hate anything more than Radiance. But this guy has taken the cake. Radiance is a cake walk compared. Our Queen Nelly assures us Azshara is easier and I just want to get Ahead of the Curve before the interest in raiding wanes with the new announcements. I don’t want to pug it, but I will if I have to.

I would have multiple images of this wanker at the sub 20% mark except I lost all my screenshots with the laptop issue.

2 Replies to “My electrical field must be huge”

    1. It is just horrid when you see them. All those lovely images I took, I just have to take them again now…such a shame I need to spend time in Azeroth flying around and taking photos!! hahaha

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