Guild Dinner

Every year before PAX there seems to be a tradition of having a guild meet up, this year was no different. We had dinner at Vapiano’s in the CBD this year and quite a few people came along, even some interstaters 🙂

Here are some pictures of the night, it was actually a pretty early finish but it was lovely to see everyone again. Also I stole these pictures from Nibblepie (and our guild facebook page).

Shame we didn’t get more pictures actually but I just forgot to take them in all the excitement. I met Furey, Soulmend and Menicatros for the first time this year which was brilliant. Varinai came down from QLD to join us again this year. It was a lot of fun even if my husband was last to turn up at nearly 9.30 to take us home 🙂

I liked the post we received from a guildie once the photos were posted having a dig at our greatest qualities :p

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