I am a veteran!

Before you read further if you are not a Veteran of the Fourth War and have no idea what I am talking about stop now and log into Azeroth and finish your dang war campaign!! Seriously some would think you are a loyalist with this delay!!

I watched the cinematics recently (haven’t we all now?) and can I just say WTF?!?! W.T.F.?!?!?! Oh my golly gosh!

So Sylvanas you nasty piece of work. You think the horde are nothing? I feel so utterly betrayed being horde right now. Our last few warchiefs (RIP Vol’jin) have had very questionable antics and I am not sure how this is all going to play out. I just want Thrall or Baine to bring the horde back to their glory days of honour so we can feel good about ourselves again. I also want to punch Sylvanas in her dead banshee face; she only happens to be super over the top powerful now with some sort of death magic. [eep]

I think it would be super cool to have the new expansion be in the Shadowlands (read about the possible leak here), especially with the announcement of N’zoth being our final boss for BfA. Maybe we can’t defeat him and he kills us all and we go into the Shadowlands where time doesn’t move the same way, maybe Sylvanas does take over the world and make us all Banshee?. So many options.

Either way I have survived the 4th War, we still have many battles needing fighting but I am hopeful for the future of Azeroth. What did you guys think about the cinematics and where we look to be heading?

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