Raid your face off

I was so freaking happy to be back in a raid. I was doing little happy dances. So we didn’t actually kill anything and it was an entire night wiping on that stupid fear monger Zaqul.

We did progress on him though. Our best attempt of the night was 10% when we had 5 people still standing 🙂

We did get to 10% – I promise.

1 tank, 3 DPS and 2 Heals – looks like a group that should have been able to kill him I think, but they let us down. HAHAHA

The rest of the attempts were a mixed bag of too many buffs, not enough DPS, people missing the pan-lava-cakes and getting hit my those infuriating tentacles. Chris and myself were put on calling out duty but I made a bad call, killed half the raid and then spent the rest of the night second guessing. I just find this fight really messy compared to videos I have watched.

I suspect (without much extra research) it would just be easier if we grouped up on the bosses big scary butt with the melee and then we would be able to avoid a fair chunk of the tentacles just by pure position. If we pre-empt the nightmare stuff we can move out just before people get it and move back if we don’t have it. On paper it sounds easy but getting people to try new ideas is sometimes hard in our guild 🙂 I will need to do more research and provide video discussion.

I was happier with my DPS since I changed my weak aura set up. This new one is much better and was allowing me to get close to 30k and on a couple of attempts even over it.

Not exciting for some people but it made me freaking happy to see those numbers on a messy fight like this. Really the attempts where i copped the nightmares and the red fire circles of crap and the fear meant my DPS was nowhere, but I talk enough about how bad my DPS is I thought it was time for an upbeat one.

The weakaura I am now using is easier for me to read and follow what is happening, I just need to figure out a way to add my trinket in so I know when it is at 5 stacks for activation.

All in all, I was happy we were getting the boss consistently to almost phase 4, it is progress we didn’t have last time I raided. I think we will have him very soon. We were so close last night. Fingers crossed we can get him next week and then kill Azshara!

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