What a whirlwind!

So after the joy that was Blaugust, I had a week before making a flying trip to the US for work. Long story short I had a week of flying and meeting rooms with very little (and I mean zero) downtime to do anything but sleep. Game face had to be on from 7.15am until about 10pm most nights.

Philadelphia is a lovely little city though with a lot of history! I would love to go back for a more detailed look around. I have added some photos for you 🙂 I particularly like the comcast buildings which are shaped like a USB stick and an old Nokia phone.

I flew out on the Sunday and got back on the next Sunday, so all of last week I was just too damn tired to do anything. I was literally falling asleep by 10am after getting up for work and then wanting to go to sleep at 2-3pm in the afternoon. It was a real struggle. This meant I just didn’t want to play WoW or my computer at all. I was just too tired, with stinging eyes ad low tolerance levels.

So I hope to be back on board this week and will spend some time trying to catch up with whatever is going on in game!! Sorry I have been absent but I think legitimate reasons this time 🙂

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