#Blaugust2019 – The aftermath

I saw a decent jump in views during my posting bloodbath for Blaugust.

In the last 30 days the Blaugust posts have been the main target which is great 🙂 But I noticed some of the posts only had a couple of views in total for the last 30 days.

Having a couple of days away to not be focused on the need to post, I have realised I don’t want to do this again. It was high pressure for me and whilst I didn’t really struggle for posts too much, I just felt it stretched my time too thin. Maybe when time rocks around next year I will feel differently after being back to a regular scheduLE of two posts a week I will feel better about it.

I am pretty proud of all the people who joined in and managed to get through the month, even if you only posted once!

It was nice to see an increase in stats though 🙂 I did feel good when they went up. Thanks for reading and being here.

2 Replies to “#Blaugust2019 – The aftermath”

  1. I think the sheer number of posts from everyone duriing Blaugust, especially towards the end of the month, led to a bit of reader fatigue. I tried to at least scan every post I was aware of but some days I didn’t really make it.

    As things quieten down I would expect those who carry on posting to see a bit more consistency in readership. Maybe!

    1. Definitely had reader fatigue but it was a pretty enjoyable experience actually, reading more than blogging i mean! You get to learn a lot about people

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