#Blaugust2019 – Classic Lies

So I know, I know!! I posted less than a few days ago saying I wasn’t going to jump into Classic again, but then Apophis mentioned some people in our first original guild wanted to get the band back together and I got all giddy and Classic crazed.

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On a mission from Warcraft

I was working from home due to our need of a repairman and before I started work I decided to jump in and just see how far I could get in the 1.5 hours I had spare. The answer was level 7. I have made it through the starting aea of Northshire Abbey and am working in Goldshire. I ran through to Stormwind just before I logged off with the intention of finding some profession trainers to learn skinning/mining and hopefully sell my materials.

Mobs have resisted more times than I can count and I have only died twice so far and they were both in a kobold filled mine with crazy respawn for my lack of mana. You stay in combat for a really long time when something is chasing you and it just makes it that little bit harder.

So here is my mage, she is very close to what my original toon looked like, I didn’t go with my original name of Saradouglass because that was a terrible mistake I would never want to repeat and instead went with Dragonray (I couldn’t reserve it hordeside).

I have learnt the spells for food and water (thank god!!!) and I am really, really, realllllllly enjoying having both fire and frost spells. You frostbolt to slow then down, then burn them with the fireballs, then you drink and eat for 60 seconds 🙂 I really do miss being able to use any class of spell though. It feels more DnD like to me now.

Am I likely to keep playing – probably not, but who the heck knows? Levelling is easy at this point, you gain levels to quickly, but they get so much harder as you get higher and I am just not sure I have the mental energy to do it again. We shall see how far I get 🙂

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  1. I’m not sure how long I’m playing either, but for the time being, I’m going to enjoy the journey through the levels. Well, once my characters are out of the crowded starter areas, at least! :p

    1. Yup, same as me 🙂 thankfully I was on stupidly early so I didn’t have to fight with much crowding – I have seen some of the pictures of the crazy!! Lol Good luck on getting to whatever you get to with minimal deaths and many blues!

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