#Blaugust2019 – Why do I actually blog?

This is a question I have had running through my brain the last few weeks quite a lot. The answer is I am not sure, I just enjoy writing posts and like to know people are reading them. I think it shows insight to how I view games and what excites or angers me in Warcraft. It is a way of remembering all the things I have done, with who and shows the points in time when achievements were had and worked for.

Funnily enough I used to have a much larger reader base than I have now, when I had time to be more interactive with other blogs. I should really get back on the WordPress/RSS feed thing and start making the effort to engage with others instead of just lurking. But I have periods where I stop playing WoW and life gets challenging and busy so you lose people when you stop writing, nature of the game, but it is hard to rebuild.

I created a twitter account as a way of following other gamers and talking to them without the need for the blog, but then started using it as a general twitter and posting generic every day stuff as well. It is a mixed bag of my life. I even created a Facebook page with the intention of possibly live-streaming when I got NBN (the super fast tech we are supposed to have in Aus) but sadly my house won’t get it until mid next year apparently. So whilst I post all my blogs to it it is basically sitting their unloved, with 3 people who like it.

I have always used writing in a diary as a way of getting things out of my head – both good and bad. It has always had a therapeutic effect on me. I get to say things I wouldn’t normally say out loud. On my anonymous blogs I can say whatever I want and no one knows it is me, I am safe from questions. So even if what I blog about seems inane to others, it is a record of the discussions and friendships which have meant a lot to me and I want to remember them.

I was watching “Between the Sheets with Ashley Johnson” and she made a comment how she communicates better via email/writing than speaking and I understood it on such a spiritual level!! I think it is why I love blogging – and why I keep coming back to it.

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