#Blaugust2019 -Backlogs?

One of the things I have stumbled across since starting this challenge when reading other blogs is this idea of a backlog. Of games.

This blew my mind hole so far open I am not sure I will ever be able to close it again. I am such a WoW addict, I had never considered people out there play other games. They actually buy other games with the intention to play something other than WoW.

It occurs to me though, if you aren’t playing the time sink known as WoW you have hours in your week you can contemplate other games like a traitor. I also started to notice this phenomena when Ben and Oui moved in with us because Ben has about 12 other games he is playing and he keeps mentioning others he has bought or is waiting to download. What? He then spends his nights playing things other than WoW. I find this abhorrent 🙂 So far I have heard of him playing, Final Fantasy, Tomb Raider and a DC one(?) – I am sure I saw the batmobile and an FPS..Call of Duty (Maybe?) or something like that anyway.

I have 1 game I play, and very very very occasionally I might dip my toes into Overwatch or Diablo – but they are all Blizzard games. The idea of having a backlog of games is so foreign to me. I don’t even look into other games to see what I might like playing. I am a bad gamer. Bad bad gamer.

I have zero games on my backlog and likely it will stay that way for a while. Although there was talk recently about resurrecting the old SWTOR account…LOL. After a very thorough search (ie 2 minute search online) I found some games I might be interested in dipping my toes into (when they eventually come out; Star Wars: Fallen Order, Zenith (currently on kickstarter), Mansions of Madness and Halo (but this will require an Xbox upgrade).

I just want to play WoW and you guys want to play ALL THE THINGS!!!!!!

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