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Music is one of those things I want in my life playing all the time. Sadly I need to be talking to people and watching other things, so I can’t have music going as much as I would like. It is a huge part of my emotional rollercoaster balancing as well. It can put me in a good mood, make me cry or piss me off.

My favourite genre leans towards country with a soft rock feel. I do like most other things except screamy metal – so..death metal maybe? The screaming grates on my nerves and gets me agitated, so i avoid it.

Here are some bands I have recently discovered (thanks to Hubby on some of these).

Walking on cars – irish rock band. Easy to listen to. I would like to find more bands like this.

Lanco – country, their song “born to love you” kills me and is a favourite.

Larken poe – rock/country/blues mix with 2 sisters. There are far too many songs which are awesome. Just too many. They are so good we are contemplating going to Bluesfest in Byron Bay next year just to see them!

Chvrches – synth pop from Scotland; we have listened to them for a while but not enough people know of them. So i like to mention them when I can.

Dan & Shay – country duo, easy to listen to and very enjoyable. Currently on repeat with their albums.

I love music so much, we discovered I have a music library on my phone of about 36Gb and my hubby has 8Gb. This is why my car struggles when I connect my phone. I spent an evening cleaning out some old albums and bands I haven’t listened to in years and got my library down to 26.25Gb 🙂

Go check them out and have some joy in your earholes 🙂 Let me know what musical creators you are enjoying at the moment!

2 Replies to “#Blaugust2019 – Creator appreciation – Music”

  1. I like Chvrches.

    I’m not a huge country/alt-country/country rock fan but it’s a huge and varied genre and there’s plenty in there to enjoy. Mostly I like singer-songwriters Lilly Hiatt and Lucinda Williams, mostly.

    1. I shall have to investigate those two! My hubby always thought country was sad songs and twangy guitar, but I have managed to get him listening to the more rock side of country which he is enjoying. Then he went extreme and went all bluegrass on me!!! #awful

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