#Blaugust 2019 – Creator appreciation – INTPIPOMO 2018 RESULTS

You might remember, towards the end of last year I did INTPIPOMO….well I did some of it. Not all of it. I only managed to post a few photos, but that was enough apparently to score me a little random win.

Who would have thought 🙂

You can read the full post here but I had no idea. I must have completely spaced out on that front. I feel bad I didn’t do enough images, but grats to Aggronaut on their win!

In honour of not having done enough then, here is another small gallery of images 🙂 This sort of ties in well with having a creator appreciation week for blaugust and I will selfishly use this to display more of my own images.

I am no longer really doing photography, but I still love it and will occasionally pull out the camera.

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