#Blaugust2019 – Creator appreciation – Comics

I thought I would post about some of my favourite comics which i read and follow on social media so I know when new ones have come out.

Belzebubs – is without a doubt my current favourite. We haven’t had an actual comic for a little bit but I absolutely love this comic of a goth, satanic heavy metal band and family. I adore it. They actually have an album which was released this year in Jan but I have yet to listen to it. Heavy metal is not my music of choice anymore.

Catana comics – is a cute comic about a couple and as I am sure many other people, I find so many parallels 🙂

Sarah’s scribbles – relatable to me in every way I can think of so far. I adore her comics.

One of those days – brilliant, this makes me feel like all the things in our relationship happen to other people. Love it and their art style is amazing.

There are other comics like Penny Arcade and Shen and a few others I read but don’t seek out regularly. Just when the mood hits and I am looking for things to do.

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