#Blaugust2019 – Creator appreciation – Youtube

Hubby and I watch more youtube than streaming and TV combined these days. I am not sure how it happened but we just enjoyed watching content people have created. We even toyed with the idea of creating a youtube channel ourselves but neither of us could really spare the time to edit, create and come up with ideas that were going to last more than maybe 1 week.

But here is a list of the channel we watch religiously when a new video is uploaded.

Kara & Nate – they travel for a living (jealous!!)

Abroad in Japan – Sarcastic Englishman living in Japan (funny as hell)

Bon Appetit – Foodie channel (Brad Leone makes me laugh and Claire making gourmet versions of food is epic)

Critical role – DnD, currently watching through “The Mighty Nein”.

The Modern Rogue – 2 guys who do things…dangerous and weird things 🙂 funny guys.

Becki and Chris – photography and life topics. Funny as hell.

Evan and Katelyn – they make things for their home, loads of fun.

These aren’t warcraft channels of course because I wanted to point out other channels and creators out there who don’t have anything to do with the game. The channels are people just living life, doing interesting things and making me laugh – and sometimes living their most dangerous lives. I have many laughs when watching most of these channels and I am extremely appreciative of their videos.

I think it would be very cool to have a channel but so much work and opening yourself to weirdos and trolls. Not sure I am willing to put up with that 🙂

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  1. Thanks for the list! If you’re into foodie channels, we love foodwishes. I also have an obsession with weird “street food” channels but they seem to come and go so I generally find them from browsing rather than searching.

    1. Hahah I will check the foodwishes channel out!! Browsing can sometimes reward great content but I don’t want to see people eating spiders and cockroaches :p

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