Transmogrification Classic Last Day!!

Today is the absolute last day to get your entries in for the event! You only need to create 8 outfits – I am sure you can do that in a couple of hours.  I have faith!

If you need to here is the original post.

I have created a button for you to be able to use on your blog (if you have one), just resize to whatever you need 🙂  I will have a winner button created once we have announced.

I want to make sure we get the judging complete before the Whomper pet disappears as I think it is a brilliant pet in support of a great cause for STEM, you can read about it here.

You are still able to donate prizes if you want to help out, that way we can provide more prizes, and who doesn’t want to get a prize?

I can’t wait to get into the judging!!



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