Yup, I can say I have done it now.

I did LFR. <hangs head> Why?  Tell me why I thought it would be a good idea? What makes it worse was I had to keep signing up.

The first one I jumped into was Zul only. They had already killed FD and Vectis. We pulled the entire platform of adds. We basically died a horrible death twice before we even got to the boss. Then we wiped on Zul because no one did anything to the hexxers, just left them summoning bloods etc.  It was beyond a joke.  We came back from death and then explained the fight and we killed him the next time. Thankfully.

After leaving that one the next one popped for:

G’huun. Yup missed Mythrax as well. We actually did pretty well on him. I think we one shot it, I joined after what looked like a wipe though as people were explaining things and the balls groups had already been sorted out.

I was grateful I didn’t have to dd it in LFR, I enjoy it in raid because we have a method so we all know what we need to do. But randoms…no thanks. I just want to stand and pew pew.

You know there is a problem when I am top DPS. I am a boomy…I am not the best choice to be at the top, however the Demonhunter pulled their finger out towards the end and we managed to battle it to the end – they eventually won.  But we did kill G’huun and we didn’t wipe. That is all that matters.

I did end up going back and getting the other bosses I had missed, but that was another couple of runs. I didn’t end up getting Mythrax – I was completely over the craziness by then.  I did make sure to ask before every boss if people needed an overview of the fight because I would rather take 2 seconds and tell people than waste a wipe and have the abusers start going crazy calling people names.   Deserved or not.  The tank who kept taunting MOTHER and walking her through the barrier after the first flames for example, needs every name under the sun, but it just makes it hard to stay in the group with name calling. Even though it was 3 wipes on MOTHER…..we did better in Heroics.

Anyway, I can say I have done it, I might go back but unlikely, and certainly I might pick a better day to do it 🙂 LOL How is everyone else finding LFR?

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  1. My only raiding mode since Pandaria 🙂

    It’s not that bad. Like in other modes, gearing up and learning boss tactics eventually turns it into a breeze. I can’t remember an LFR group who couldn’t kill a boss – sooner or later. And normally 3-5 wipes are considered to be a lot. People learn 🙂

    1. I guess my only real issue with LFR is it seems to being out the absolute worst in Azerothians. I think we should be able to play together without abuse and name calling 🙂

  2. I ran LFR yesterday, too. I have to be honest and say it went a lot better than I expected it to (though I had pretty low expectations). We did alright though. I was the same as you, coming in to a G’huun group that already had 2 wipes on it and people talking about strats, but we one shot it while I was there, so I was happy.
    It was the trash before Zul and Zul himself that were the painful parts for me. We wiped for a REALLY long time just on the trash because people kept pulling extra mobs over and over again. Then Zul himself, people were killing adds, but noone was dispelling the Minions that spawn that do the fear when they reach people. Then there was the time the DK gripped the minions in to melee and feared everyone… lol
    It’s not how I would choose to raid, but given I don’t have a team at the moment, I’m glad the option is there. But I do agree with you, LFR really does bring out the ugly in people.

    1. Well, it’s people to blame, not the mode, am I right? 🙂

      The farthest that the silliest mistakes can take me is making sarcastic comments (and only if people don’t learn).

      1. Yeah I have always loved LFR! It allows people like me to have a chance at seeing content. I just wish people were nicer to each other 🙂

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