Transmog comp – I have an idea!

So I have another idea for an awesome transmog competition which would be less work than my Mog the World competition, but would still require a fair amount of effort on the parts of myself and the transmoggers.  I envisioned this as a homage to the new classic server experience and have it running until Blizzcon or the actual release date of the classic servers (not sure yet).

What is the blogosphere like, do we still love transmog competitions? Would I get more than 1 person partaking in an multi-part thing?  It would be relatively simple…in theory….or I should say in my head it seems easy.

Is anyone running competitions anymore?  I used to love being in them as you can tell from my competition menu above, so would love to get something happening.  I could donate a mount or pet from the Blizz store for the winner and runner up….

The idea: You would need to make an outfit from every expansion using only the gear as it would have been if you were playing.  So for example for the Wrath of the Lich King outfit you could use Vanilla/BC/Wrath gear only and for a BFA outfit you could use everything currently available.   I was going to select random themes for each xpac similar to the Trial of Style format.

Because I don’t want to people to have to do 8 outfits (although that would be awesome) I was thinking you had to do like 4 of the 8 to compete.

Talk to me people, what do we think?


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