Blood Bargain

I wanted to post about the Bargain questline. So, if you haven’t managed to get through the Zandalari Forever line, I would suggest you don’t read further if you don’t want spoilers, because spoilers. Many many many spoilers.

I have enjoyed questing around with the princess, she is fierce, determined to save her people and is not cowtowing to a father king who refuses to believe her. Of course when it becomes apparent he is in the wrong and really needs to consult the one person who was intelligent enough to see the signs – what does he do?

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He makes a deal with the devil. Or death. But either way. He makes a decision that not only ensures his enslavement but that of his entire bloodline.

I was horrified by this turn of events, I am keen to see how it plays out over the course of BfA.  He just signed away his entire bloodline to serve for an eternity to a demi-god and it isn’t like he is going to get cake and ice cream at the end. It only ends one way.

What was even worse was Princess Talanji knew something was weird and he was so blasé about it, “Nevermind love, I took care of everything! (and screwed your life forever!)”.

Watching us manage to release all the evil was very hard. We failed at every turn and the culmination was G’huun throwing power at the temple. Here is the full cinematic if you have forgotten the trauma already.  I did love how the huge coin/seal turned after the damage was done.

It was horrifying. Screw Zul! I am glad he was thrown off the top of the temple, but Mr King. You done f***ed up.  How are we supposed to fight this evil?

The way Bwonsamdi says to him “our kingdom” at the end sent shivers down my spine. This is not going to go well for any of them or us. We are supposed to be allies, but I didn’t agree to this mess he just made. I would have followed the Princess because of her strength, but this King [facepalm].

In my mind what makes this worse it technically we wouldn’t really know about it right? We as players see the story because we are the players, however if this was RL we would have no idea. Maybe moving forward his choices are going to be coloured by this new relationship he has, and it will make no sense to any of us. Or his daughter. The one person trying to save the kingdom.

I am really excited to see how this plays out in the raids as well as the quests. I really hope they haven’t set up this really interesting dynamic and to then just leave it without any further advancement. I mean they created an entire cinematic for it, so it has to be big right?  What do you think – are we seeing the end of the trolls with this new friendship?

More like the final nail in the coffin, amirite and who doesn’t want (or need) more Bwonsamdi in their lives?

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