More dungeons!!

We finally did the other 2 dungeons with our group.

We started with the MOTHERLOAD!!! because someone was a deserter and we needed to physically enter an instance. I can’t remember who the deserter was, it seems to irrelevant now :p I happened to be standing next to the summoning stone and Moryrt was nearby so decided that was the fastest one to get to.

I was looking into the bosses to write this post and found this is actually in Kezan, the Goblin starting zone. We had a discussion when we got out of the instance, about whether it was or not and we decided it wasn’t. We were wrong.

There was so much trash in the instance! Soooo many bombs. It was horrific.

The only boss that seemed like it is going to be horrible in mythics is the lady with the glowing orange flames of death on the ground Rixxa Fluxflame, maybe the end boss as well Mogul Razdunk.  Otherwise I think they should be manageble.  I quite like  Coin-Operated Crowd Pummeler he is fun running around kicking bombs back in his face.

We won’t discuss the issues I had after taking the indian jones style cart down the hill to then stand on a bomb 4 times in a row and die 3.  It just doesn’t need to be talked about….ever again.

Then we signed up for underrot as it was the only place we hadn’t been to. Those worms in the ground are a right pain. Really horrible.

But over all not a bad place. I honestly don’t remember most of the bosses in there…I do remember the last boss Unbound Abomination being a gorgeous hunk of flesh. Divine really.

I like the dungeons so far, they are pretty, the fights are mostly good at this level and I think are going to be terrifying at mythic level. I can’t wait to get to level 120 and start gearing up.

I am really enjoying the changes to Boomy as well 🙂 I really enjoy playing it. So happy I am sticking to my druid this xpac (for the moment).

How is everyone else finding the dungeons?

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  1. Out of the ones I’ve done I’d say I liked Free hold the least in a pug group. If the tank does’nt realise that everything, practically, a boomkin does is aoe it can be a tough place to clear.

    1. I will get to it eventually but thanks for the warning 🙂 I can word up our tank about making the right decisions! Lol I can’t wait to see it!

    1. Hahaha yeah that guy… xoxox. I can’t wait to see more of the dungeons!! I hope there isn’t so much trash in all of them though. Are they all just as bad?

  2. I haven’t done any Dungeons yet, but this Motherload I have certainly heard tales of already! Sounds like a…special one. Must read up beforehand, hah 🙂

    I just rerolled to Balance, it seems fun and engaging!

    1. It was like someone at blizzard clicked the “add mob” button too many times then had something urgent come up and forgot to remove them later. Horrid.

      I am having so much fun as balance, it is much easier to play and not spend the entire time staring at your rotation. I thought it would be bad based on reviews but I like it more than I ever have now.


  3. Haha, I can just imagine that Blizzard employee “gosh darnit, the button got stuck, lemme try to unstuck it /presses 1000 times”

    Yeah it’s great so far for me too. Which rotation are you using in open world, can I ask? 🙂

    1. My rotation is pretty dependant on my tank 🙂 Moryrt tends to mount up, gather 10-15 mobs, then try not to die. Generally I moonfire what I can, starfall, then lunar my butt off 🙂

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