This feels like it is taking a while

We are now 116 after missing out on Saturday due to real life so our goal was for 115 today.  I am happy to have gotten an extra level.

The following post contains spoilers, mainly in picture form but possibly some things you haven’t seen yet. Especially if you have avoided beta and reading up about the BfA story 🙂

So, read further if you want.

We finally finished Vol’dun, the main questlines, I am sure there are other side quests we have possibly missed.

But we are ensuing the main lines are completed and we can always go back later and check out the other areas of the map we perhaps skimmed over.

Of course this is all in aid of ensuring our Pathfinder achievement is complete when it needs to be. You can track your progress on wowhead here and make sure you are aiming for completion of the important things first.

We had to back track for Moryrt to get his exploration but it was better we got it done.

We are almost at the tail end of the Zuldazar quests, we have one more section to go, but a lot more to explore on the map.

I have enjoyed questing through this zone, lots of lies, dinosaurs, fantastic architecture and voodoo.

Bawon Samedi even makes an appearance and I think it is absolutely brilliant. Moryrt thinks his hair/face is not unlike the demon from Deathnote, Ryuk. Looking up pictures for him freaked me out, so you can do that yourself 🙂 I like the references Blizzard.

Rezan is just brilliant, I am still trying to figure out how he ends up in the dungeon we completed the other day, I am sure it will be made clear. But he is such a cool Loa 🙂

I thought these little puzzle games were cute as well. Such a simple quest but enjoyable instead of the constant kill/grind/collect quests.

I do not like the amount of spiders involved in quests, especially when they rear up at you when attacking. Nope.


This was freaking me out so much that Moryrt offered to have me on follow and he would complete the quest for me.  It was definitely giving me the heeby geebies.  Was not liking this one bit.

I am hoping we get to keep the little dino we were raising, preferably as a mount 🙂 We haven’t been sent back there yet though and I am not sure if we do or not?  I can’t wait to see if that happens.

Of course the best part of the last couple of levels was us releasing the guy we were supposed to keep dead.

Oops. What is better though….we ran away. LOL. Some champions we are 😀 We cowered and ran.   We also made what’s her name – Yazma – turn into a spider my stealing the life of a Loa.  We don’t seem so good at preventative things here….maybe if we spent less time killing dinos and gorillas and trolls for tongues and heads we could be of more use :p

How about everyone else, how are you finding the levelling process if you are still doing it?



2 Replies to “This feels like it is taking a while”

  1. Good journey 🙂

    I am halfway to 111 now, so plenty to be discovereed still. I just arrived in Tirisgarde Sound, and like the environment a lot. Sometimes I feel as if I am playing a different game than WoW, because of the atmosphere and different accents from the NPCs! Good luck ahead 🙂

    1. I think the voice acting has been superb this xpac, really makes the different areas immersive. They are always good of course, but something I am just really noticing this xpac!

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