Never forget!

There are some days when you wonder why you keep chasing things in game when you consider the hours you roam around and around and around and around and around……

I used every mod I could, I used way points and handy notes and omg…the hours.

Are you wondering what the heck I am talking about?

Do these stupid crystals look familiar? If not, get on it and get yourself a set of the most awesome Reins of the Long-Forgotten Hippogryph. You spend half of your remaining life flying around Aszuna looking for Ephemeral Crystal and once you click 5 of them you get the mount.

You may remember hubby got his mount quite a while ago and since then whenever I have been in Aszuna I have checked for the crystals. On 4 different occassions I have spent over 3 hours flying around looking for the 5th crystal. No success until now!

I went to bed the other night after finishing a first aid quest in Aszuna and was thinking that my luck would dictate a crystal would be visible. And it was. As it was midnight already, I went to bed parked next to the one I found in the hopes that when I woke up it would still be there. And it was!  Hubby came and helped me and I was adding the one I had found to my handy notes to make it easier.  I eventually found my 4th one and then Pracey came to give us a hand as well.  It was so good to catch up with him on discord and talk shit.   I then found my fifth crystal.  In total I was flying around for about 3.5 hours.

Tips to chasing this mount:

  • Only one person can get this mount when the crystals are up.
  • The crytals spawn every 8-12 hours
  • Once you click the crystal, it stays there, but cannot be clicked by you again.
  • You can see them from a very long distance.
  • They can be in water/caves and between bushes (so hard to see).

From the amount of times I have tried this, I strongly believe the crystals have an internal timer as well.  Some of the crystals spawn in locations after having been searched thoroughly – seemed like about 20-40 minutes between spawns.

My last crystal was in a location I checked multiple times over the 3.5 hours and like…out in the open – really obvious. It would have been impossible to miss.

Either way!!  I am so freaking happy to finally have this mount! Thanks Hubby and Pracey for keeping me company during the long hours and thanks for giving me the crystal mojo.

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