Feedspot Blog Award

In a surprising turn of events, I was reading Gnomecore’s website recently and he linked to a site which has the a cool post and award for “Top 15 World of Warcraft Blogs Websites and Newsletters in 2018”.  I thought I would have a look at the list to see who was on it and see if I could maybe find some new people to follow.

I was a little meh about the gold making sites listed – I don’t understand how anyone can make money in this game.  I might actually give that a shot in BfA, like actually read and learn how to be better 😀  Anyway, scrolling past names like Cymre (!!) and warcraft pets, lo and behold I get to number 14…and it is me?!??!

I feel pretty happy about it.  Thanks to Feedspot for the web award and to all my readers for being part of this little piece of the web and using RSS.  I am not sure what blogs/newsletter or site number 15 was as I can’t find it listed anywhere but I feel pretty happy to be on that list at all.

I am always happy to be part of an award or discussions about WoW, I am obsessed after all. This is my happy place.




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