Mage tower challenge

Yeah. So – I think you are all crazy and I liken this to that time in Pandaland when we were required to hit silver in the proving grounds before we could run heroics.

Thank the old ones there isn’t anything gated behind this except some appearances which are generally meh. Well that is not true the mages ones are boring, the feral kitty ones are epic. I checked last night though, to get purple spectral kitty I would need to win 10 ranked PVP matches! Hahahah laughable. I couldn’t even win one if I was playing by myself and with no opponents.

I tried Agatha. So many times. So so so many times.

I even used Lightblood elixir. Full flasks, runes etc etc. I went the whole hog.  The closest I could get was just under 40%, always phase 2 and always I would die.  I watched videos, made target macros for the imp you need to focus on, changed talents and I died every single time withouth getting her even close to death.

Every time. I failed. Every time.  This was the best DPS I could muster on my 934 geared fire mage.  I would peak at about 1.15 million at the start with everything time warping, but I would usually sit between 700-800.

Pathetically, I gave up and I am not going to go back. I do not have the tolerance capacity to do this. I am just not a good enough DPSer (or player) hahah.  I toyed with the idea of trying in feral but I am even worse with DPS in my super geared kitty than on my mage so I laughed that off as crazy talk.

I honestly do not know how anyone does this successfully and I know,  I said the exact same thing about the proving grounds when I was failing…but this…this is so much harder imho. Congratulations to all those people who have managed to get this done – you are awesome. I bow down to your brilliance!

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4 Replies to “Mage tower challenge”

    1. I decided to try all the things I can before they disappear in July (potentially). But not sure I am good enough 😉

  1. I am rapidly reaching this point. The healing challenge is insanely hard and they have us doing interrupts, tanking, dpsing AND healing to top it all. I’m at 40+ attempts now and I’m wondering if that staff appearance (going for resto druid) is worth it. I mean really…sheesh.

    1. 40+ attempts??!?!?! No way! LOL I did maybe 15…MAYBE…and that was more than enough for me. I have such low tolerance when I can’t see me making any improvement.

      The mage appearance is so meh….compared the ones I do have (and love). Is the resto one with the bird? That is amazing…but…yeah…good luck if you keep going and I hope like hell you have it already 🙂

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