Hidden ferals

Yeah secretly I am feral 🙂

I have – for months – ported into the “Dreamwalk” and wondered what the heck I was seeing with the emote of hearing something from the other portals. I remember asking in guild what they were for and Nelly (as always) with the wealth of knowledge advised it was for the hidden artifact appearance.

That was a long while ago and I had only managed to find two stones in the months since that conversation.

I dreamwalked the other day and finally got the third one – in the Hinterlands. It took me close to 50 minutes to find the stone with the little paw print on it. I eventually had to get the co-ordinates and add them to my Handy notes to search for them; I was flying around in circles for what felt like an eternity. It was ridiculous. It was the third handy note I added to the map of the 15 I added.

Once you find the third stone you head back to the dreamwalk and find the following guy just chilling.

You walk up to him and he doesn’t do anything, turns out you need to sit down in front of him, then he gives you the item and walks off. I walked with him for a but but he just faded away. You end up basically looking like him when you use the item – i think it is a gorgeous skin.

But of course that wasn’t good enough for me – surely there has to be another awesome colour, I headed to my tree and would you believe it!! (I certainly didn’t!) There is a purple kitty as well!!! The hidden one has some lovely colour variants but there are so many gorgoies looking kitties, I wish I had checked sooner to be honest 🙂

Squeeeee!!! Purples all around!!

I am now a purple bear and a purple kitty!  Although whilst researching for this post I found a kitty in the same spectral purple as the bear!! That is hot! It requires the mage tower challenge….I have pretty ok gear now – maybe I can complete them 🙂

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