I have decided to start trying to locate posts from prior to this current iteration of my blog.  I have a huge chunk missing when I changed to self hosting and didn’t keep any form of back up. (I was certain I would never be back).

So I am going to import a bunch of old posts from my wordpress hosted site, which stems from 2014 to a spattering of 2009. This shouldn’t cause too many issues as wordpress to wordpress has a pretty good import function. I am going to test it out now, so buy the time this post is live you should be able to see historical posts….<crosses fingers super tight>.

I am not sure how well this entire idea that will go in all honesty. I think it could get super messy real fast and make it almost impossible to deal with. Broken links, missing pictures, horrid typing…oh it will all be there.  I will have to try and fix it over time.  I dread even looking at categories/tags on posts <shudder>.  I was such a messy blogger back then.

Once that is done I will start trolling web archive pages to find posts since then and add them in where I can. I will also be adding in some pages that have disappeared over time for competitions I have entered. I

This is going to be one hell of a long journey so if you see anything hincky or messed up – let me know. I would love to fix it as quickly as possible.

Send me some luck people!

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