Mythic invitationals.

Due to Drew and my birthdays this week, we had some of our best friends come down from Sydney to attend our birthday dinner.  It was an amazing night and the weekend was made better with table top gaming included when possible.

During periods of food though and a fair chunk of Sunday morning we watched the Mythic invitationals.  Why?  Because the 5 of us make up our main mythic group. Michael, Ben, Oui, Drew and myself.

It was definitely an eye opening experience watching these groups kill content with ease.  We learnt so much about boss mechanics that we had missed and how to deal with certain things.  It will definitely see an improvement in our play…I hope…

A few points to note though:

Every single tank was a DK.  If one tank can be so completely OP there is an issue (in my mind). There was no other class represented at all in this role.  This provides imbalance already, to the Blizzard trope of “playing the class you want to play”.  I should – be able to level any Tank and be able to complete content to the same level. I shouldn’t have to play an awful class to do what I want to do in game.  We run with a Druid and I refuse to level a DK.

Healers – Pally or Druid only.  We saw at least 2 options here, thankfully. Again, anyone that has anything else is pretty much out of the running to get into the invitationals. You just won’t have the class to do it.  Assuming mobility and type of spells available? We run with a Monk and I have NFI about healing in general but he tells me some things he has no real way to counter effectively more than once.










DPS – Was basically made up of Monks (even multiple), Demonhunters and a ranged.  The general DPS we saw were Warlocks with a spattering of Mages and a Shammy or two – but not one Priest (in any role).  It took most of the day to see a Warrior or a Hunter and it wasn’t until we started watching the Asian teams that we saw any Rogues.  This was again a little disappointing because I felt it was pretty specifically made up of certain classes that you had to have to succeed. We run with a Rogue, Shammy and Paladin.

We have the completely wrong team and this makes me wonder if this is why we struggle on mythics above 13/14 because we simply don’t have the class make up.  I am sure at our level that isn’t true – we are just still learning the mythic dungeons to a larger degree, but how much harder have we made it on ourselves?

The most amazing this I saw over the weekend was the team called “No Healer”.  They actually had no healer and it blew my mind.  I kid you not.

They didn’t even have a healer class in. They had a few deaths but they actually won a round or two and I simply couldn’t handle it.  How?! How can people play so well they don’t even need heals. Leech – I am assuming.  But seriously. OP, DK, OP!!!

I have since found out there is an entire section of the time trials without healers in the groups on the time trial pages here.  Check out +22 Upper Kara….not one healer but all monks. All the way.

I plan on catching up on some more this week to see how it goes. I can’t wait to see more. This has inspired our group to focus a little more and be better in mythics.  I think a team with no healer having less deaths made us feel bad so we plan on improving that!

I still disagree with only certain classes making the top groups. We should be able to succeed at that level no matter what class. What are your thoughts?  Are you even watching?

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  1. Unfortunately when it comes to high end progression in any sense – There will always be a case of classes that do things better, that have more utility and will just top the charts to an easier degree than other classes
    It’s a general factor of why most high end guilds will require you to learn / level / gear multiple characters of either the same role type – or with abilities to fill multiple roles, This is especially the case in Raiding Guilds

    Mythic Plus, although a different approach and ball game essentially, Still is fundamentally stuck to these “rules”.

    It is unfortunately the case but if every class had the exact same utility – there wouldn’t really be any distinguishing difference outside of animations .. and i think it would limit peoples desire to play certain classes

    1. Don’t misunderstand me, I understand all of that. It still pisses me off that it requires us to play a specific class. I am simply not a good enough person to want to level a class of everything and keep them all to an acceptable level to be able to do said content. Even keeping 2 toons with enough stupid order hall resources is more time than I have. I should be able to have 1 main toon that can handle everything the game has.

      Sure you find new strats or new ways to complete that content to the same level, but simply put it can’t be done – certainly isn’t being done. I see this as a fundamental flaw. I have always seen it as a flaw though – when you had to be a specific spec or talent choice to be effective, so this isn’t a new feeling for me 😀

      1. I definitely agree with your sentiments there, I dislike being restricted to a certain class to fill roles. especially with how often through an expansion those classes shift in their viability..

        1. Excellent point about the changes over time during an xpac which affects their gameplay. Thanks for that link btw, I intend to be in a black hole all day, except I think that is for last year’s invitational.

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