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We have long been the heroes of our own stories in World of Warcraft. NPCs, both minor and major alike, remind us constantly that we are the saviours of Azeroth; that if it weren’t for us, the world would have ended if we hadn’t have defeated that boss, or killed that pest, or scooped up that poop. We are the stars.

For our latest topic, though, we want to talk about you, the player, and ask you:

When have you felt totally badass in game?

Did you kill a super hard boss that you’d been working on for a really long time? Did you have a near miss, and saved yourself from falling to your death? Was there an outfit your transmogged that made you feel super strong and powerful? Or did you do something for someone in game that made you feel great? Let us know! This topic is all about the things that make you feel good in game.

Coincidentally this happened only a few weeks ago.

But i can’t decide between the two events so I am going to tell you about both.

The first is when myself and Michael managed to down the last boss in mythic SoT from 40%. When we were doing it – if you listen to the video, I was sure I would die pretty quickly because of the increasing debuff. But what happened was I kept my cool, hit my defensive before the crap, hit my heal afterward and just kept moving the boss around.

I didn’t panic, i just did my thing. I doubt I could replicate it if I tried. I was just expecting a massive hit to happen that would wipe me out. I felt pretty amazing as a tank to be honest.

The second event was completing Heroic Argus and getting the ahead of the curve achievement. I still feel pretty amazing every time I remember that I helped tank our way through the content. The guild was already half way through Heroic when I started so I really only did 50% of it. But it feels nice to know I contributed. I felt pretty badass.

Of course all of this means nothing though because I was told that tanking on a druid is like winning gold in the special olympics because it isn’t how I tank but everything else making it easy. (Save the disability rage btw – it was a stupid comment by a colleague and I am fully aware!). So now I feel a little like my gorgeous flexing biceps are deflated balloons. I also wasn’t there for the night the guild cleared heroic in one shot AND killed Coven for the first time – maybe I hold them back more then help!

Cest la vie right?

I started out feeling awesome – so let me just remember the good times!!

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  1. Both of those achievements are seriously awesome. I love that feeling of being the “last man standing” and getting a boss down when everyone else has failed. And the fact you were doing it as a tank was AWESOME!
    And getting Ahead of the Curve is bloody brilliant! Don’t let anyone diminish that achievement- it’s a tough fight. And oh my gosh I couldn’t imagine tanking it. Positioning is so important in that, as is proper upkeep of mitigation. Anyone who says it’s easy because you’re a bear needs to be sat on. What a load of rubbish. Doesn’t matter how “good” a class is, if the person controlling it doesn’t know what to do, they will fail. You did brilliantly! Congrats!

    1. Awww thanks Cinder!! My guild would agree with the failure part (I do manage to prove my nubness every raid with them) but I am learning and trying to be better than I was. That is all I can do 🙂

      I am not often “last man standing” given I am normally a mage…We barely stand! It was a new feeling for me and one I am beginning to like the more it happens!

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